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Free Telephone Consultations

Kew Chiropractic Clinic offers a unique service available to everyone, not only to existing patients but also to those members of the community who are not patients of this clinic.

Here’s How It Works

Chiropractor and patient looking at model of spineIf for any reason you wish to speak to a chiropractor regarding your condition or symptoms all you have to do is simply contact the clinic in order to obtain help and advice.

Some examples:

  • You may have had an accident and are in pain
  • You may be in pain for no apparent reason
  • Your symptoms are of a recurring nature

In any case of experiencing pain with or without reason, please contact the clinic. You will be able to speak to one of the Doctors on the telephone to discuss your complaint, you will be asked a variety of simple questions and from the answers you give, we will be able to advise as to how best manage your condition and ease the symptoms.

There are 3 ways this can be done:

  1. You may call the clinic on 0208 948 8739 (available office hours Monday – Friday and 24 hours on the weekend) and ask for a “FREE PHONE CONSULTATION”. If a Doctor is not available at the time of your call, one will call you at their earliest convenience.
  2. You may send an email (available 24/7) requesting a “FREE PHONE CONSULTATION” and one of the Doctors will call you at their earliest convenience.
  3. If you prefer to speak face to face with one of the Doctors, you can call the clinic (during office hours) on 0208 948 2744/0679 and ask for a “FREE CONSULTATION”, this will be booked at the earliest mutually convenient time and will give you the opportunity to come to the clinic to discuss your concerns with one of the Doctors who will be able to advise accordingly; this 15 minute consultation is completely free of charge.

Contact us for your free telephone consultation. We’d love to meet you and answer your questions!

Kew Chiropractic Clinic | 0208 948 2744