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About Us

Providing Comprehensive Care

A chiropractic clinic first opened at its current location in 1965. Dr Paul Danford (Chiropractor) joined the practice as an associate in 1982, taking over ownership and changing the name to the Kew Chiropractic Clinic in 1986.

Associate chiropractor Dr. Liam Kelly (Chiropractor) is a great Australian Chiropractor. He has big hands and a big heart and understands what its takes to get you back moving and pain free. He is an elite athlete being current European Surf Lifesaving champion.

Can We Help?

The type of patients Paul enjoys helping are those that tell him they’ve been everywhere, seen everyone and done everything, yet nothing seems to help. To say they’re sceptical about chiropractic is an understatement. Often, these patients have already pursued the conventional route and anything sinister that may be causing their symptoms has been ruled out.

Therefore, their complaint is likely to be of a mechanical nature, as the medical profession do not consider mechanical disorders of the spine and pelvis as a cause of spinal symptoms. Sometimes, their GP or specialist has even told them, “You’ll have to live with it,” “Take these pills,” or “The only solution is surgery.”

It always gives me great pleasure to be able to tell those patients; Yes, we can help, and then proceed with a plan to do so.” Paul

Understanding the Full Picture of Your Needs

When you become a patient at our office, you’ll see one of our chiropractors to be assessed. They will take X-rays that are completely safe in order to accurately diagnose your complaint and go on to create a treatment plan that works best for you.

In over three decades of practice, Paul has come to understand the importance of taking X-rays. The information obtained not only helps to rule out sinister pathologies but also allows us to give you an accurate diagnosis, leading to the creation of an appropriate treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and where possible, correct the underlying cause of your complaint.

We also provide ongoing rehabilitation for continued wellness. Once you are on a treatment program to alleviate your symptoms and correct the mechanics of your spine, you will see James to receive rehabilitation advice and exercises that will strengthen your spine.

Find out whether we can help you improve your health. Schedule a time today to get a free consultation!

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