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Scale of Charges

From: 1st November 2013



Services Fee
Consultation £15.00
Examination £25.00
X-Ray Examination £15.00 (per plate)

The new patient charges include:
A Consultation, Examination (Orthopaedic and Neurological) with X-rays [if required], a report of findings, including a diagnosis with treatment recommendations and a written report.*

* A report will only be prepared for those patients with spinal complaints


Services Fee
Treatment £43.00
Rehab Session £43.00
Physiotherapy £35.00
(proof of student status required)
Massage (1/2 hour) £28.00
Massage (1 hour) £50.00
Medical Certificate £15.00
Report / Letter to Gps, insurance
companies and solicitors etc…
Follow up letter / report £50.00

It is preferred that payment is made at the time the service is provided.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or credit / debit card.

Please note that we are no longer charging an additional £1 for payments made with credit cards!

Private Medical Insurance

Paul Danford is recognised by all the major Private Medical Insurance Companies and is happy to provide treatment to those patients who have Medical Insurance, therefore please ensure that you arrange your appointment with him.

However, due to the variety of policies that exist, the varying excess charges applied and the amount of cover provided, it is the policy of this clinic that the patient pays for the treatment at the time it is provided, and therefore it is the responsibility of the patient to make the necessary arrangements in order to make a claim from their respective insurance companies.

Claim forms will be completed by the treating doctor and the necessary receipts will be provided by the clinic FREE OF CHARGE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 0208 948 2744.

Kew Chiropractic Clinic | 0208 948 2744